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We are a Quality Control & Quality Assurance Engineering organisation, with focal interest in inspection, testing & certification of plant, equipment & machinery.

Services cover mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering, with mechanical being the main and the others as related, or separately if required. Our specialisation is in Pressurised Systems – vessels & piping – during manufacture and service (periodical). This is extended to cover all areas of plants/installations from design appraisal to need/request of RBI and HAZOP.

Our organisation formed 25 years ago, consists of very well qualified and widely experienced QC engineers.

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Our Clientele
Recent Assignments
Hazira - Inspection, testing & certification of 9m & 17m Ø LPG Storage Spheres.
What We Offer
Inspection, testing and certification of all engineering products
Periodical inspection of pressure vessels, piping, pipelines, tankages, cranes etc.
Structurals, Machinery , Civil works
Surveillance of QC, HSE
Forgings, Castings
Valves, Components
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