OISD Standards

We provide services in the following OISD standards:

  • OISD-STD-128: Inspection of unfired pressure vessels
  • OISD-STD-129: Inspection of storage tanks
  • OISD-STD-130: Inspection of Piping Systems
  • OISD-STD-132: Inspection of pressure relieving devices
  • OISD-STD-134: Inspection of heat exchangers
  • OISD-STD-135: Inspection of loading and unloading hoses for petroleum products
  • OISD-STD-140: Inspection of jetty pipelines
  • OISD-STD-142: Inspection of fire-fighting equipments and systems
  • OISD-STD-153: Maintenance & inspection of safety instrumentation in hydrocarbon industry
  • OISD-STD-164: Fire Proofing in Oil & Gas Industry
  • OISD-STD-214: Cross Country LPG Pipelines
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