Organisation formed 25years ago by the grouping together of well qualified & widely experienced QA & QC engineers, with joint & separate specialized knowledge, mainly in pressure vessels, heat exchangers & piping, designs, fabrication, welding technology, metallurgy, NDT techniques, also  electro technology fire proofing/insulation (among others), erection & commissioning, P&I of plants & equipment.

In due course, experience & activities widened by association / deputation to consultants engaged in major projects – Toyo, Jacobs Engg. India, Knaerver Powergas, others, and directly for bought-outs at vendors’ & on-site for owner(s).

Also represented UK/USA based agencies for jobs in India (mainly for export). Experienced engineers were added on for structural & civil engineering, QC surveillance & superintendence services (at manufacturer’s/at sites).

Particularly experienced in inspection for serviceworthiness for existing (in-process) vessels, periodical inspection with NDT, identifying defects, followed by categorizing, investigating cause, developing restoration/repair procedure with (approved) vendor(s), where this possible. Such inspections are also assessed for risk and reliability (special conditions) for continuing service.

Some items of engineering inspected by us have been listed on page titled “Typical Equipment”.

Our Clientele
Recent Assignments
Hazira - Inspection, testing & certification of 9m & 17m Ø LPG Storage Spheres.
What We Offer
Inspection, testing and certification of all engineering products
Periodical inspection of pressure vessels, piping, pipelines, tankages, cranes etc.
Structurals, Machinery , Civil works
Surveillance of QC, HSE
Forgings, Castings
Valves, Components
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