Today we are a well established organization with

Head Office at Mumbai,

branches at

Pune (Maharashtra),

Kota (Rajasthan),

Bangaluru (Karnataka)

Kochi (Kerala),

Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

and Kolkata (West Bengal),

covering all areas through sub offices (which operate on the basis of assignments).

All inquiries are through HO only, startups & completions, progress, inspection, testing & certification are monitored by the Mumbai HO.

Instant online reporting carried out when required by client(s) for status, progress

Our constant endeavour is to improve our capabilities for best customer satisfaction, and maintain systems for ensuring quality at the highest level possible. Ours is a professional service, and we practice a policy of maintaining proficiency, on the broader theme of quality covering safety in equipment, and safety of personnel & work area.

Recognitions / Certifications

Certified to ISO 9001-2008 by British Standards Institution for Pressure Vessels

Recognised by Railway Designs & Standards Organization (Railway Board), for certification pressure vessels.

Recognised by Chief Controllers of Explosives for certification of pressure vessels and Petroleum (products) storage installations.

Recognised by Director, Industrial Health & Safety (Factory Act), Maharashtra, for certification of pressure vessels, cranes, lifting machines, hooks, chains etc.

Regd Valuer of Plant & Machinery, Govt of India.
Our Clientele
Recent Assignments
Hazira - Inspection, testing & certification of 9m & 17m Ø LPG Storage Spheres.
What We Offer
Inspection, testing and certification of all engineering products
Periodical inspection of pressure vessels, piping, pipelines, tankages, cranes etc.
Structurals, Machinery , Civil works
Surveillance of QC, HSE
Forgings, Castings
Valves, Components
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